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Dr. Frank Porco, MD, FACP

After sustaining injuries in a car accident and unsuccessful and frustrating chiropractic care, I was introduced to Dr. Philip Grivas through a friend.  Then everything changed.  Dr. Grivas had the gift of superior anatomical knowledge and technique coupled with an outstanding personality.  He provided me with high quality individualized care with kindness and compassion that you NEVER see these days.  Many years later Dr. Grivas continues this legacy as an outstanding rare breed of chiropractor and I recommend him to anyone without reservation.

Tom V.

I have been dealing with chronic pain for several years now and this pain stems from a botched surgery.  This has led to a lack of faith in medical professionals.  It is very apparent that the majority of medical professions care strictly about their ego and net worth.  Dr. Grivas is the exact opposite!  You can tell that he genuinely cares about your well-being.  Not only does Dr. Grivas genuinely care about your well-being he is a master of his craft and is continually honing his skills by further educating himself.

Loren Lanza

My experience with Dr. Grivas has been amazing.  I've had back pain for my whole adult life and tried everything for relief.  I was in pain every day to the point of tears after my first child.  I found Dr. Grivas and he's honestly changed my life.  He's a true professional and amazing at what he does.  He's also so knowledgeable.  I highly recommend him!

Neil Thakkar, CEO 

As a former collegiate athlete, competitive bodybuilder and certified personal trainer who is transitioning to martial artist my body is very active and can act "wonky" at times.  Dr. Grivas takes his time with me and makes sure I leave feeling great.  It's not just acute relief but instead, I feel the adjustments hold for weeks.  I highly recommend him!

Kory Gross

Dr. Grivas has changed my life.  6 months ago I struggled to stand without severe hip and lower back pain - it was ongoing for almost a year prior.  I am now back to regular running thanks to him!  His patience and ability to treat me has been beyond expectation.  He takes his time and gets to know you so he can treat you the best way possible!  I highly recommend him for your chiropractic care!

Erin Moroney

Excellent, will definitely go back!  I feel like a million bucks thanks to Dr. Grivas!  I hobbled into his office and walked out feeling 10X better.  This morning I woke up feeling like a new person.  This was my first time at a chiropractor and now I understand why my friends were encouraging me to see one sooner.  He was knowledgable and informative and gave me exercises to practice at home.  I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Grivas if you need help.

Danielle Bubet

I get headaches due to my neck.  Dr. Grivas is absolutely phenomenal and as long as I keep up with my appointments I experience little to no headaches!  He is extremely knowledgeable and caring.  I love that he is so personable and actually cares about my health and how I feel, he is not in this just for the money!  It's hard to come across someone who runs such a caring and honest practice!  He has me as a patient for life and I couldn't be more grateful.

Karl Barber

Dr. Grivas has turned out to be the best chiropractor I've used, much better than the past three.  He takes a-lot of time prepping you for treatment.  He knows all the ways to flex and adjust those hard to get spots.  Basically he does great work and wants to give the best treatment possible.  He cares!

Katherine Schaumberg

Dr. Grivas was very kind and knew exactly what was wrong as soon as I walked in.  I had never been to a Chiro and was so nervous to go.  He knew so much and talked me through everything he did.  He was very knowledgable and made me feel so much better.  I was able to  walk out of there feeling semi me again.  I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an effective and positive experience.

Tom Cola

Dr. Grivas is extremely attentive, intelligent and professional.  He always accommodates my hectic schedule and he takes great pride in what he does.  I highly recommend Dr. Grivas to anyone seeking professional chiropractic care.

Connie D'Errico

Dr. Grivas goes above and beyond to care for my family and myself.  He is very helpful and  always helps his patients reach pain relief.  He is an absolute professional and I highly recommend him!

Jennifer Zank

Dr. Phil is awesome!  There is no feeling of being rushed through your appointment, he takes his time to listen and then provides the best treatment for you.  I would 100% recommend him, especially for anyone who has been hesitant to try a chiropractor.

John Maragia, LMT

Excellent Chiropractor.  Always milling to go the xtra mile to help resolve your issues.  Very hard worker as well.

Katherine Tappan-Verderosa, SLP

Dr. Grivas is a great listener and always gives me  the personal attention I need.  He only adjusts if I am comfortable with it.  Otherwise he uses Active Release to manipulate the body through the muscles.  I always leave his office feeling relaxed and pain free!

Marina G, FNP

I've had a great experience with Dr. Grivas!  He is friendly, kind and compassionate.  He quickly alleviated my shoulder pain with precise treatment.  He is very knowledgable and skilled.  Overall a wonder experience!

Brian Lipari

Dr. Grivas is the best Chiropractor I've been to - he really spends time with you at each visit, and actually works on helping to correct the actual problems you're having.  Most importantly, he has advanced knowledge of ART techniques, which is very hard to find.  I would definitely recommend!

Rachel Docherty

Professional, very experienced and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend Dr. Philip Grivas.

Danielle Amey

Dr. Grivas is the best!  He generally cares about his patients and does all he can to help without causing more discomfort.  He pays close attention and listens to you and your needs.  I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.

Natalie Anne, SLP

Dr. Phil is a very skilled practitioner.  He solved the chronic pain in my neck and shoulder.  He was able to get me pain free in three sessions after having tried other treatments for 2 years with physical therapy and orthopedic.  Highly recommend!

William Amey

Dr. Grivas is a great Doctor.  He always listens to his my concerns and does not push any treatment that I am not comfortable with.

Megan Faulkner, CEO

Dr. Grivas has been my Chiropractor for over 15 years.  His care for his patients is unmatched;  treating the whole patient rather than just the symptom, is one of the many reasons why he's the best.  He has seen me through triathlon training, a terrible car accident, and regular health maintenance.  Recently, he was able to diagnose and wholly treat an issue to wellness that other medical professionals missed.  One of his greatest attributes is that he truly listens and asks the right questions to treat the right problem.  You will find no better care!

Manny G

What an incredible experience, from beginning to end.  The service was firsthand, and I felt like a new person.  Thank you for providing me with top rate service.

Robert C

Dr. Grivas is at the forefront of the Chiropractic Arts.  I have personally experienced his exceptional skill time after time because of my extensive heavy training and injuries associated with preparation for many State and National Championship powerlifting competitions.  Dr. Grivas keeps me in optimal condition which allows me to exceed my limits and prior performance levels to win!  

Ashley C

Dr. Grivas is caring and extremely knowledgeable professional.  He walks you through his problem-solving of your issue and explains everything he is doing.  Visits with him are in-depth and effective.  He takes his time and uses the latest techniques.  Dr. Grivas is an excellent choice!

Deirdre Best, LMT

Dr. Grivas is skilled and efficient.  He spends quite a bit of time with you each session and addresses all your needs.  He doesn't just adjust you and send you on your way.  He actually cares and uses ART to find the most effective way to help you.  In fact, he'll only do an adjustment if it's necessary.  I trust him and I've referred several of clients to him as well.  They're also very happy!  He also has a very genuine bed side manner.

Margaret Shpak

From the moment I stepped into Dr. Grivas' office I was greeted with a smile.  The care was great from start to finish with no wait time.  Top notch Doctor and super knowledgeable!  I can't thank him enough for the great care and I highly recommend!!

Katie Mini, RN

Dr. Grivas is a fantastic Chiropractor.  He listens to your concerns and is truly determined to find a solution to relieve any pains, even in the most stubborn areas.  He is very intelligent and will share his knowledge with you so that you understand the underlying causes of the pain.  He explains , in detail, exactly what he is doing and why.  I would recommend Dr. Grivas to anyone who is searching for a cure to their pain.  He is a miracle worker!

Stephanie Stern-Protz

Dr. Grivas is the Chiropractor of choice for my entire family.  He is a phenomenal practitioner!

Margaret Shpak

From the moment I stepped into Dr. Grivas' office I was greeted with a smile.  The care was great from start to finish with no wait time.  Top notch Doctor and super knowledgeable!  I can't thank him enough for the great care and I highly recommend!!

Georgia K

Dr. Grivas is an excellent chiropractor that looks at every patient individually. He treats you with respect and listens to your specific needs. His new office is very relaxing and he is flexible with appointments as well! He is very professional, compassionate and caring. For over 10 years he helps me achieve the best quality of life through maintaining proper health with my muscles, hips and back. Highly recommend!!!

Adam Heckendorn

 Dr. Grivas is a life saver. I would highly recommend the practice. I have seen other chiropractors and he is the best.

MIke G

I have been going to Dr. Grivas for over 15+ years now. He always takes the time to listen to my issue so he can approach treatment with the right course of action. He explains thoroughly why he is doing something and what I can expect in recovery process. I highly recommend for any issues you may be having or general maintenance.

Corinne & Joe

We are both patients of Dr. Grivas. He's fantastic! I always leave his office feeling better than when I walked in. Furthermore, his knowledge of the anatomy and how the body works is unsurpassed. He takes his time to figure out what is really going on and addresses the problem, not just the symptoms. What a rare treat this it is to be treated holistically by a medical professional. We are both thankful to be seen by Dr. Grivas and recommend him highly.

Kristi E

Dr. Grivas has helped me numerous times with back and neck problems. He takes time to listen to my issues and always follows up after treatment to make sure I’m feeling better. Love the new office space too!

Scott Jarmer

Fantastic results. Friendly and personable. Dr. G Takes the time to understand and diagnose ailment. Great explanations and treatment of issues.

Shannon B

Dr. Grivas is the absolute best. He helped so much with my back and neck issues from my very physical job and has now gotten me through my entire pregnancy! Dr. Grivas really takes the time needed to understand all of the issues you are having and actually gets rid of the pain, it’s life changing. Thank you!!

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